Home Based Businesses

NEBA sponsors event for home-based business professionals

There will be an event held in Nokomis East to bring together as many area home-based business professionals as possible on Tuesday January 16, 2018 at 6:30 PM (concluding by 8:30) in the lower level event center of McDonald’s Liquors, 5010 34th Avenue South.

Nokomis East Business Association (NEBA) has announced an important initiative the goal of which is to identify and attract to membership the growing number of home-based professionals who live and work in the Nokomis East neighborhoods (Keewaydin, Wenonah, Minnehaha, Morris Park).  NEBA believes it exists to serve, represent and promote not only business professionals who operate out of commercial space, but also those who work generally from their residences.  As is the case in so many residential communities, Nokomis East has grown to become home to a broad and rich spectrum of home-based business talent.  Home-based professionals who bring their gifts to the work of NEBA will benefit by the camaraderie and support from within a network of others who face similar challenges as home-based workers. 

The January gathering will take place at a time of year when those working from home would likely enjoy an opportunity to escape their home-office environment for a couple hours!  The evening will be coordinated by NEBA board members.  Those who attend will be encouraged to share their thoughts surrounding how they envision a group of area home-based professionals may best serve all those involved.  It is hoped there will be a spirited exchange of ideas, and that those present will take ownership of how they would like to see the group evolve within NEBA.  If you work predominantly from home and are self-employed or work for others, you are welcome to attend. 

The event will include a facilitated discussion surrounding five broad categories believed to be of concern to many home-based workers:

  • Balancing life and work
  • Dealing with isolation
  • Developing business and managing clients
  • Finding and using resources
  • Managing financial issues

Refreshments will be provided.

Pre-registration is encouraged.  To register or for additional information contact NEBA board member Bob Albrecht, 612-910-2272 or Bob@BobAlbrechtRealEstate.com.