About Us

The Nokomis East Business Association (NEBA) is a volunteer-driven fully independent organization, whose membership is open to local businesses both home-based and storefront as well as to service organizations that are located in the Nokomis East neighborhood of Minneapolis.

The board and its members host monthly meetings to discuss and plan neighborhood events such as the Nokomis Block Party (Indoor and Outdoor), the Nokomis Tree Lighting and many more.

NEBA works to promote you and your organization or business through the NEBA Website, Facebook Page, Newsletter and through networking meetings and gatherings.

The first Business Association in the Nokomis neighborhood, The Airport Area Merchants Inc. was founded in 1961 and was later re-named the Nokomis Village Association. The new Nokomis East Business Association (NEBA) was founded in the spring of 2012.


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2016 Officers

  • Chair: Neil Oxendale
  • Vice Chair: Michael Hennessy
  • Treasurer: Kyle Heino
  • Secretary: Earl Netwal