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Spring is a Great time to become motivated to clean up your house or yard, buy a new home, improve your body or your business, find a new activity or community, make car repairs, train or treat your dog, find a new favorite author or artist, or find a place to eat or hang out.

We are here to help!

 Find Everything You Need – All in one place

Saturday April 12 from 10 AM to 1 PM at the Free Indoor Block Party

Hosted by the Nokomis East Business Association


The Lake Nokomis Community School PTA


Boy Scouts of America
Nokomis Service
Cleaner Living
Faith Lutheran Church
Southside Chiropractic
Nokomis Library
Women in Networking
CB Burnet Realty
Canine Coach
Vera Kovacovic
Bark Bites
Brighter Minds Music
Nokomis Yoga
J &K Trading
Free style Interpersonal Coaching
Usborne Books
Norlin Chiropractic Center
Wizardly Teleproduction
Nokomis Preschool
Eastern Shore Natural Health
Boss Pizza
Whoville Creations
Wendy’s Dog House
PCC Carpet and Upholstery  & 
Nokomis Healthy Seniors
Minnehaha United Methodist Church
The Wellness Center
Nokomis Community School PTA
RAI Stone Group
Marathon Realty
3 R Realty
Priscilla Cross
St Helena Church School


7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Nokomis East Business Association (NEBA)

  1. Linnea Johnson

    Trio a’ La Mode (Violin, Keyboard, Cello and/or Flute)
    Light Classical/Popular/Dance (Piano/Cello/Trumpet/Vocal, optional) for your special event.
    (612) 825-7722 Linn

    Also, Private MUSIC LESSONS (So. Mpls.)
    East of Lake Nokomis
    All Ages/All Stages

    Violin, Piano, Cello, Viola

  2. Lisa Quinlan

    I’m a resident of Nokomis East. Both my husband and myself are self-employed and saw the email for the NEBA winter social. We are wondering what a membership provides and what the different levels represent. We’ve lived here for many years and never realized we have a business association so I’m also wondering if home-based businesses such as ours (photography + contracting) would benefit.
    Thank you,

    1. NokomisEastBA Post author

      Neba is new, and hopes to fill a void left when the prior business association faded away a decade or so ago. We are definately interested in involving home based businesses as well as institutions, professionals and storefront operations in the area.

      While we anticipate some form of incentive to reward businesses who join at a higher level, the different levels at this point are primarily a way to allow interested businesses the opportunity to be more supportive of the association, while making basic membership as open as possible to everyone who wishes to participate.

  3. Tav Buechler


    I am the Board Chair for the Lake Nokomis Community School (LNCS) PTA. We represent both the Wenonah and Keewaydin Campuses.

    I noticed you have a networking breakfast on Wed 6/26. The LNCS Site Leadership Chair and I would like to attend representing the school community. Will this be ok?

    Also, I noticed that the event is potluck at Sweet Berry Kitchen. Are we expected to bring an item or order from the menu? Please Advise.

    Thank you,

    Tav Buechler, LNCS PTA Chair

    1. NokomisEastBA Post author

      Please feel free to attend. We will be ordering off the menu. It’s not pot luck, its “dutch.”


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